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Album Review GORE-Hart Gore/Mean Manís Dream :: Maelstrom :: Issue No 64
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3.5/10 Roberto

GORE - Hart Gore/Mean Manís Dream - CD - Southern Lord - 2008

review by: Roberto Martinelli

The Dutch instrumental band Gore must have really been something back in the day to not only inspire Bohren Und Der Club of Gore (one of the fave bands here at Maelstrom HQ), but to inspire them to the point where their name carries the Dutchiesí legacy on in their moniker.

But you couldnít buy any Gore. It was out of print. Until now. So, count us psyched that two labels, Southern Lord and FSS, are finally making these cult recordings available again.

There must be some mistake, though. The 2CD set of Hart Gore / Mean Manís Dream is a total drag. The music sounds something like dirty garage rock, which is pretty dull on its own, but made all the more expendable because of the lack of any vocals whatsoever.

Ok, the riffs and grooves could be passable as the tracks begin with a buildup after 10-20 seconds of which youíd expect a scruffy singer to come in on, but it never happens. This starts getting pretty old by track six, and by track eight, the experience is so aggressively boring that an immediate halt is in order.

When instrumental bands suck, they suck like this. Goreís music would be merely passable if it had vocals, but without vocals, itís redundant and pointless, like a college rock band that can write some decent grooves never really got past the stage of jamming in the rec room while the rest of the student body was at the football game.

Sound-wise, the recordings are fine. Mean Manís Dream (1987) was recorded at year after Hart Gore, and has a bit more powerful, heavy sound, which makes you wonder why Southern Lord didnít put the best shit first. Pretty much any way you look at it, this release doesnít make a whole lot of sense, and particularly when it comes to your time and money. (3.5/10)


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