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1.5/10 Chaim

MURMURISTS - I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You - CD - Alrealon Musique - 2013

This project, as a whole, has nothing to do with music par excellence. It is more into the spoken word realm coupled with electronic ornamentation, a left-field endeavor in sonic experimentation that surely has got some sort of agenda (otherwise why spend so many words over nothing?!). With this notion in mind, it is pretty damn stupid not to at least enclose a printed lyrics sheet of the extensive texts of at least some of the tracks, where numerous humans speak to the listeners, and speak, and speak. Sometimes, the speaking passages sound like a narration of a particular story we have no clue about, an actual ready-made text that is being read or just some casual talk, either an ad-hoc conversation or a stream-of-consciousness blathering. Either way, we have no way of knowing because the texts are missing from the album's packaging and because no one in his right mind is going to pay close attention and actually decipher what the hell those speakers are talking about for so very long.

Basically, the listener is left with a big enigma: what's the purpose of this project? What messages does it contain or aspire to convey? It's not like there's a huge added value of any kind to the recording, like, say, the more stripped-down recordings of Diamanda Galas, who needs no music to accompany her and that the very existence of her devilish and charismatic voice is in itself a rewarding value that can warrant a recording of such a phenomenon. If this recording is about the revolutionary texts and messages - we have no way of knowing; if it's about the "vocals" - these are habitual and unattractively casual; and if it's about the electronica - there's nothing here that can grab anyone's attention, really.

I cannot tell you where I am until I love you is an attempt of using language itself as a tool to compose music, while scraps of sounds are often used either as an excuse for the spoken word or as a backdrop to the endless speeches. The quintessential question lingers on: if the texts are such a paramount ingredient in this recording, why didn't anybody bother to publish them so that we - the listeners - would have at least a slight idea what all those speakers are actually talking about?

With that in mind, we fail to see the point in listening to this. (1.5/10)


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