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Our site's aim is to support the music we love. We hope that this site will serve as a forum for anyone around the world to learn more about metal and other underground forms of music, and to talk and correspond with other people. While we are thinking adults, Maelstrom is not a political site. Thus, any political view that may be voiced by anyone interviewed by Maelstrom is not to be construed as being Maelstrom's. To read more about Maelstrom's view and the individual views of its writers, click here. We welcome any and all letters and will post them regardless of content and whether or not they concur with our own ways of thinking.

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NAME: Ryan Loostrom

Ryan Loostrom is a southern sleeper, so-to-speak. The South Carolinian is a renaissance man in several aspects. He began mixing with the musical ether at the age of six, adopting piano. Since, he's played several instruments: trumpet, trombone, electric and bass guitar, drums, violin, and every southerner's requirement, the harmonica.

Eventually, he became involved with several sites doing web design, and learned a few programming methods here and there, eventually managing several sites. Along the way, he elevated to a rocker status once he reached a moment of clarity and disillusionment. You all would call it the first joint.

Since, he's walked a metallic path next to the sidewalks paved with gold, and let the road less traveled mold him into an even deeper individual.

Originally, he began expressing his love for music through amateur reviews, and eventually became accepted as a writer for

Later, he was invited by a fellow staff member of Maelstrom, Kristina White, to write a few reviews for Maelstrom. He accepted, and the rest was history. Or soon it will be. His aims are to become a professional writer first, and a musician second, with his own recording studio. He currently plays multiple instruments in the rock band Needs No Chill, based out of Timmonsville, South Carolina, and is putting together an experimental, psychedelic metal band based off of his love for Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and all bands progressive and spacey.

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