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Our site's aim is to support the music we love. We hope that this site will serve as a forum for anyone around the world to learn more about metal and other underground forms of music, and to talk and correspond with other people. While we are thinking adults, Maelstrom is not a political site. Thus, any political view that may be voiced by anyone interviewed by Maelstrom is not to be construed as being Maelstrom's. To read more about Maelstrom's view and the individual views of its writers, click here. We welcome any and all letters and will post them regardless of content and whether or not they concur with our own ways of thinking.

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NAME: Pal the Postman

Pal Meentzen was born in 1971 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He graduated from art school and paints alchemical and mystic images.

Pal's musical endeavors mostly involve playing a Roland TD-8 e-drum kit with toothbrushes. He once went to Poland on a moped and played six Hendrix gig tapes ad infinitum. Pal already speaks three languages and is now learning Russian.

Pal was raised with classical music, got into goth during the '80s (Killing Joke, Joy Division, Siouxsie), but it was during the '90s that he was increasingly drawn towards prog / mathrock (Rush, Yes, Cardiacs), metal and extreme music. His favorite death metal acts: Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, and Arch Enemy. His favorite black metal acts are Leviathan, Xasthur, Moonblood. Favorite murder metal: Macabre.

Pal likes metal to sound sharp, vicious, angry, and intricate. Hates pretentious and boring epic metal and male singers who sing like their pants are too tight (and they often are). Would like to see all female singers guilty of whinnying to be thrown off a 50 foot city wall, whilst smirking & sipping his Sans Rival.

Most importantly, Pal upholds the black metal tradition of being an employee of the postal service, thereby ensuring him the proud nickname of Pal the Postman.

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Pal the Postman
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