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Dear Maelstrom readers,

Dear Maelstrom readers,


Maelstrom has been rolling along at the pace its been rolling at for what may be years now. Were not sure. Time seems to stand still and fly by at the same time. During this time, its content has largely been made up of my work and of Mladen kots, who writes like half the total reviews himself at this point. At this point in our journalistic/blogging careers, nigh on 13 years on, its beginning to feel like weve sort of become the Nocturno Culto and Fenriz of online metal zines. You can figure out whos who. But Im a drummer and Mladens a guitarist, so that may help. Were older, crustier, and more opinionated than ever. And weve also heard tens of thousands of albums, and metal albums in particular, over the past 30 or so years, so it takes a little more to get us excited. Im starting to lose where Im going with this (you know, being a fuck-it-all oldster), but I think the point is that Maelstrom has always been me and a beloved staff, but its increasingly become me and Mladen, and if one of us wants to stop, it would be like Darkthrone continuing without Gylve or Ted. It wouldnt.


Its Mladen and me and whats left of a beloved staff, which makes the remainers even more beloved. Avi Shaked, whos been on board incredibly since issue #8, back in April of 2002, and Chaim Drishner, whos always been the crustiest, grumpiest bastard since day one, and perhaps our role-model when it comes to such things.


Were going to see if getting new writers is like getting an old dog to pep up by bringing home a puppy, although the guy we just brought on board, our friend Monte Cimino, has been geeking out over music at least as long as we have. Maybe he can turn into our Zephyrous. Sort of.


Heres issue #73. One hundred and twenty-one reviews and two interviews, with post-black metal one-man band weirdo Book of Sand and dark folk leaders Tenhi.


Damn, it looks like its going to be one issue of Maelstrom this year. It might be that way forever, or until it reaches zero issues a year. Hallelujah.


Roberto Martinelli



Highlights of this issue :

2 Interviews including:



121 Album Reviews including:

- ALCEST Les voyages de l'

- BATHTUB SHITTER Dance Hall Grind (re-issue)

- BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL A Banishing Ritual

- COLD BODY RADIATION The Great White Emptiness

- MCGALLIGOG Powered by Death



- SPEEDWOLF Ride With Death

- W.A.I.L. Wisdom Through Agony Into Illumination and Lunacy

- WOUNDED KINGS, THE In the Chapel of the Black Hand

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