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Dear Maelstrom readers,

Before he rose to musical prominence via Sunn and other projects, Stephen O'Malley was in the journalistic thick of things during the second wave of black metal's exciting rise. When we asked him why he quit writing articles, he told us, in the interview we posted years ago, that his own music had become his focus.

Every issue of Maelstrom for the past few years has been prefaced with some apology of how we've slowed down. From every month to a few times a year to twice to now about a year since our last issue. The writing on the wall is clear.

I started Maelstrom Zine in 2001 with a friend who stuck around less than a year. Then it was my love for a long time. For years, it was a fervor. I ran it like many would run a band. Then, it became a habit -- something I did because that's what I did.

For the past year or two, though, putting out Maelstrom has become a chore, and that's not right. There are enough people on the staff that love working on the zine, and I owe it to everyone, them, me, and all of you who read, to step down. It seems everything else in my life has become more important, with my own music being the main one. Stephen O'Malley's point of view has never been truer in my own life.

So I'm stepping down. I'm leaving the zine to longtime writer Avi Shaked, who's been around since issue #8. Avi has always loved records, writing about them, and going to concerts. Marking his change is the renaming of the url to

This is my last editor's greeting. I'll be around in the background to help with site issues and maybe contribute something here and there, but from 2013 on, Maelstrom is no longer mine. It's sad and there's sweetness in the nostalgia already, but it's a burden whose lifting outweighs that.

I've always loved being able to be aware of major life chapter changes as they were happening. Quitting Maelstrom is one of those.

Thank you for all the reads,

Roberto Martinelli


Highlights of this issue :

113 Album Reviews including:

- AL NAMROOD Estorat Taghoot

- ARANIS Made in Belgium

- AUTUMN CHORUS The Village to the Vale

- DEROSA, JON Anchored EP

- ENDNAME Anthropomachy


- LOUDNESS RockShocks

- SON OF A BITCH Victim You (re-issue)

- TERRORAMA Genocide

1 Live Reports including:


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