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interview by: Megan Leo

Marco, AKA The Traditional Sodomizer of the Goddess of Perversity, is notable for work with Blasphemy, Witches Hammer and currently the dirty, thrash-styled band Tyrants Blood. (Who’s first release, Tyrants Blood, is out now).

Maelstrom: How have you found people are reacting to Tyrants Blood? Do you find people try to compare it to Blasphemy?

Marco: Well, in the beginning Blasphemy days, people’s reactions were mostly "what the fuck is this?" and, "holy crap, call 911. It wasn’t really till about ‘99 that Blasphemy really got any real recognition once the internet warrior rise of black metal drama trend began. Only small hordes and diverse groups throughout the world, bands and people that we are all still in touch with, such as Beherit, Sarcofago, Mystifier, Morbid Angel, etc... were really down with what we were laying out back then.

As far as Tyrants Blood goes, so far it’s about the same as it was for Blasphemy as far as the release and name getting out, but of course with the saturation of bands and the availability to new music, it’s really no comparison. Blasphemy was a trend-setter and very unique, whereas Tyrants Blood continues on in a traditional system that the members have believed in for a long, long time.

Maelstrom: What direction will the material for the next Tyrants Blood album take?

Marco: The first release was conjured up by our original drummer, Kevin Volatile. He hassled me for about a year to start a thrash style band in the more dark vein of Possessed, Destruction, Kreator, and the like. So when I finally yielded to his pestering, we wrote this album together, very mid- to late-‘80s style metal.

The new album has a new drummer, Matt Blood, and so this album will be more a progression towards earlier ‘90s sound, lots of scissor and blasts in the new songs, but the riffs are still mine mostly, though Vinnie (bass and vocals) did write some killer material too. So basically it will sound like the first album, but with better production values and way blastier, fastier drums.

Maelstrom: What gear did you record with, and what types of guitars do you find to be superior? What amps?

Marco: On this first release, I used my Jackson King V and my Gibson 67 Custom V. Tom used his Jackson Rhoads for everything. Vinnie played his 6-string Warwick bass for the album. Kevin Volatile played on his 13-piece custom set that he had professionally made. The thing’s the best drumkit I’ve ever heard. He borrowed some different gongs and chinas and snares from Hoglan just to see. In the end, his stuff sounded better.

Maelstrom: What is planned for touring?

Marco: Well, we’re right smack in the mid of this Canadian tour. Next week we will play Edmonton and Canmore and Deathbridge, then we’re off to Toronto and Montreal and that’s it for this album. Then, we’re back in the studio for CD #2 and off across the vast frozen northern Tundra, and then down into U.S. with Gravehill, I believe.

Maelstrom: Blasphemy's Fallen Angel of Doom album recently was re-released. Could you talk a bit about that?

Marco: It was released on Nuclear War Now Records by Yosuke. It looks and sounds good, all in accordance with the band, and so we’re happy with the result.

Maelstrom: Any plans to do anything further concerning Witches Hammer?

Marco: No, we tried years ago, but since myself and Johnny Prizmic, drummer, wrote all the songs, once he passed away in ‘97, that band was put to rest for good. It just didn’t feel right.

Maelstrom: Do people always ask the same innane, stupid fucking questions in interviews, and what would you like to do to people who ask insipid crap?

Marco: It’s the way it is, I figure. I mean, how many different questions can you ask? There’s only so much before it gets to the point of where questions are too personal and most folks won’t answer them. So I roll with it. Really, I don’t mind at all. I only would say I hate questions with an obvious agenda, questions that an interviewer will use to try and pad their soap box higher so they can show others how their opinion is what counts. That’s just weak.

Maelstrom: How have audiences responded to the Tyrants Blood live material?

Marco: So far, so good. We sold out the second show we played, and since then the shows have gotten unbelievably stellar reviews.

Maelstrom: Add anything you'd like to comment on, including your neighbors, mail man, ten-ton gorillas, transvestites and / or Dimmu Borgir fans.

Marco: Hmmm... I don’t know, maybe just put on the TBCD, get nekkid, ninja star that copy of the CD and knock out your neighbours. Make it up to them by fashioning some fecal figurines around their hourse in an ice display for after they wake up. Perhaps a fecal giraffe, a puppy, and if there’s enough, a majestic, sweeping herd of wildebeest would be a fine gift.

Purchase a gorilla, sew his ass shut and feed him anadrol 50s for a year. Let him loose on New Year’s eve at your favorite hip hop club; just make sure you back the five-ton up to the front door and chain the fire exit shut so there’s no escape and watch the hilarity ensue. Loads of laughs.

As far as trannys and Dimsum Burger fans, I think they’re one and the same, no? What with the dresses, and all. Thanks!!!



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