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Band Comments
Abigor the first and most important word in Austrian black metal
Abysmal Torment US death.
All is Suffering totally essential mix of all that is great about extreme music
Ancient Rites Longtime Belgian black metal band
Antigama "Grinding attitude and ossessive decadentism"
Aphotic Excellent US doom/death. For fans of mid-era Katatonia.
Aphotic US doom/death band
Apostasy Dimmu Borgir as played by bees in a jar.
Arcane Church UK black metal band
Asunder Oakland, CA crushing doom metal band feat.members of Weakling, Dystopia, and Skaven.
Aurora Borealis impossibly fast and precise US death
Avernus Dark and majestic metal.
Berserk Spanish, forest dwelling black metal
Black Winter Greek black metal band
Bohren Und Der Club of Gore Quintessential catatonic lounge music. CULT!
Bunder Nekromunda Polish extreme metal band
Carnal Redemption there will be no order... only chaos!
Confessor Cult, OLD school death metal band from the glory days of Earache... reformed!
CRAWLER Italian heavy metal.
Cryfemal Spanish black metal
Cryptopsy the final word in technical death
Dein Shatten German dark metal/industrial/rock.
Depression German grind
Distortion Blastwave Industrial synth-grind insurgency
Emptiness Belgian old school black/death with Enthroned member
Fornication French black/death metal band
H-Tray French thrash metalcore
Hellbox Finnish metal/punk in the old school vein
Hidden in the Fog
Immortal possibly the best black metal band ever
Impiety kvlt black thrash from Singapore
Incinerate God Brutal and technical death metal from Minnesota
John Wilkes Booze Insane, dissonant soul music
Kalmah Another great Finnish band in the vein of Children of Bodom
Kinski Mostly instrumental rock/ambient from Seatlle
Klimt 1918 fan site Site in Italian and English dedicated to the excellent Italian goth/rock/metal band Klimt 1918.
Lights, The Indie rock band
Lost Horizon the best power metal band on the planet
Morbid Angel American death metal gods
Morbosidad Kvlt war metal!
Muse Heavy indie rock. Very cool site.
Necrophagist THE most cult death metal band on the planet
Nefarium Impossibly fast, precise blast beating black metal from Italy
Oxbow Maelstrom's favorite subject
Requiem Aeternam Melodic black metal, originally from Uruguay.
Root The Czech Republic's oldest and best metal band
Rudra "Vedic metal" from this ethnic Indian band from Singapore
Salem Israeli metal frontrunner
Scent of Death Spanish brutality from Gallicia
Sentenced Finnish heavy metal
Sinpularctos raw black metal with modern, atmospheric interludes
Skull Session "state of the art metal band with a relevant aggressiveness"
Slats, The Clever, slightly geeky indie rock
Sluts of Trust "Scotland's answer to The Darkness."
Soul Shroud Melodic death metal
Sun Descends New thrash band by ex-Exumer member
Supared Micahel Kiske's (ex-Helloween) new group
Through the Discipline
Velvet Darkness
Vesperian Sorrow Texas black metal
Vinterriket Atmospheric/ambient black metal from Germany

Record Label Comments
Adipocere Records French label comprising offshoots Oaken Shield Records, and featuring bands such as Nehemah.
Alarma Records Mexican label specializing in death and grind.
American Line Productions Mexican label with the most infamous of underground bands
Arise Records Spanish power metal label featuring the great Dark Moor
Arrack Records Grind label
Ars Metalli German metal label with such essential bands as Nagelfar and Lunar Aurora.
Astralwerks Records Indie pop and electronica label. Featuring Air and Kraftwerk.
Auris Media Israeli label dealing with unusual experimental/avantgarde music.
Avantgarde Music Italian metal label with bands as Carpathian Forest and Keep of Kalessin
Baphomet Records Red Stream offshoot label run by Killjoy
Battlesk'rs Records French black metal label featuring Eternal Majesty and Goatlord Corp.
Bones Brigade Records French goregrind label
Boptart Records Indie rock label featuring The Lights.
Candlelight Records Famous UK label that brought you Emperor and early Opeth
Crash Music Metal label featuring Evemaster and Psychotogen
Crowd Control Activities US experimental label featuring Chaos as Shelter and House of Low Culture
Crystal Productions Independent metal record label, online ordering, audio shows, printing T-shirts and more...
Cuneiform Records Progressive rock label featuring Univers Zero and Ahvak
Drugs Kill Your Mind Hardcore and powerviolence DIY label from the Czech Republic
Dynamic Arts Records Metal label featuring Deathchain
Earsay Records Israeli record label specializing in obscure progressive rock re-issues.
Einheit Produktion New German label focusing on folk and Viking metal.
Epistrophy Records German punk/grind label featuring the essential Bohren Und Der Club of Gore
Eulogy Recordings Metalcore label featuring Judas Cradle and Evergreen Terrace
Evil Horde Records Brazillian black/death metal label
Flood the Earth Records Very promising US label featuring Aphotic and The Gault.
Flood the Earth Records Northern California label featuring The Gault and Aphotic
Flood, The c/o MBE 180, Piazza Caiazzo, 3 20124, Milano, Italy
Hammerheart Records Dutch metal label
Howling Bull Punk/grind/hardcore label from Japan
Initial Records Louisville based indie label featuring such bands as Boy Sets Fire, Elliott, Ink & Dagger, The Jazz June, Ultimate Fakebook, The Reputation and more.
Jester Records Personal label of Kris Rygg of Ulver, feturing bands such as Kare Joao, Ulver and Origami Galactica.
Khaaranus Productions Czech grind label featuring such outstanding acts as Alienation Mental and Cerebral Turbulency
Koch Entertainment Label that comprises Music for Nations, featuring Opeth and Anathema
Kranky Records Chicago-based indie label with such essential bands as Stars of the Lid and Godspeed You BLack Emperor!
Metal Blade Records The biggest US-based metal label
Metal War Productions Black, Death, Thrash Label / Distro!
Moonfog Norwegian label run by Satyr of Satyricon
Music for Nations British label featuring Lost Horizon and Anathema
Old Temple Polish based extreme metal label that largely puts out CDR releases.
Orderless Evil Swedish label that has so far released Dodfodd
Ordo Obscuri Domini
Osmose Productions Essential French label that first put out Immortal, Marduk, Dark Tranquillity, Absu, etc...
Peaceville Seminal English label where essential bands like Darkthrone, My Dying Bride and Anathem made their mark.
Perverted Taste German black metal label featuring great bands such as Ewiges Reich
Pluto Records Metalcore label featuring Horse the Band
Pookh Music Discovering and promoting new artists especially from, but not limited to, Israel.
Prime Cuts Music Extreme metal label from Australia, focusing on killer Aussie talent like Mytile Vey Lorth and The Furor.
Prolapse Records
psycheDOOMelic Records Specializing in stoner doom like Penance and Pale Divine.
Regain Records Swedish label, new home of Marduk, Setherial and more
Rune Grammofon Norwegian experimental/folk label featuring Supersilent
Somnambulant Records US-based noise label.
The End Records excellent label featuring Agalloch, Enslaved and Nokturnal Mortum
Topheth Project Label featuring Grundik+Slava
Total Holocaust Records Swedish BM label featuring the Xasthur/ Acid Enema split. Kvlt!
tUMULt THE best label ever! Specializing in cool and cult and weird albums of all kinds, from black metal to country!
Unschooled Records Electronic music label featuring Multi-Panel
Victory Records Metalcore label featuring Between the Buried and me and Premonitions of War
Woodcut Records Finnish black metal label with bands like Horna and Trollheim's Grott

Magazine Comments
Angelika Darkness Web site in Spanish regarding black metal.
Astarte Zine Online extreme metal webzine in Swedish
Bad Taste Polish print metal mag -- in Polish
Brutallica Magazine Underground metal magazine with a lot of matter you can sink your teeth into.
Butcher Sound Serbian based magazine, newsletter, label, distro and radio show
Caustic Truths Print magazine from the United Kingdom.
Chronicles of Chaos the grandaddy of metal ezines
Embriotomia Zine Mexican metal zine
Epic Metal They'll take their metal epic, thank you.
Explosion Cerebral Metalzine from Peru
HM Portal Very complete and interactive metal webzine in italiano!
Isten The BEST metal zine on the web. Isten, since 1984.
Jen's Metal Page "A cheesy metal site" (but fun)
Laermbelaestigung Zine Print zine and very pro mailorder from Germany
Lelahel Tunisian metal webzine. Pro layout and special concentration on Tunisian bands
Metal Maniacs The online version of one of the US' biggest metal magazines
Metal Terus Malaysian online metal zine. Reviews in Malay and English
Metalmessage Big German zine, store and label.
Nazgul'Zine French zine
Radikaal Music Lair of the Radikaal Music, from Finland.
Roar Ezine Great looking music web zine out of The Netherlands
Under Society Nice looking French zine deoted to punk and metal. mp3s available.
Webinferno 666 Web zine in Portuguese in which readers can send in their own articles

Store / Distro Comments
Aquarius Records The best record store in the world
Beowolf/ Treats from the Underground Very underground tapes and demos
Black Death Distro Courteous and friendly purveyor of black death
Edge 4 Distribution UK based online distro
Metal Blow A clean-looking online distro with free shipping worldwide.
Metal Haven Chicago's headbanging headquarters
Nekrosadizzzm Polish based distro with obscure Polish recordings on sale.
Roooar The best in violent music! European web store.
Worm Gear distro Offshoot of Worm Gear Zine. Good distro, no postal fees!

Miscellaneous Comments
Abandoned Places Site dedicated to photographing abondoned hospitals, factories and castles
All Metal Concerts website for metal concerts worldwide!
Blood Is Truth Spanish/English language blog on music and metal.
Chaotic Goat Scene support from Texas, USA Belgian death metal scene report
Hardebaran Belgium-based promotional agency for rock and metal bands. Very professional website.
Ideologic Everything about the visual and musical art of Stephen O'Malley (Thorr's Hammer, Sunn O))), Khanate, etc...
Krazy Fest The official site of Louisville, KY's annual summer music festival hosted by Initial Records. Past performers include Thursday, AFI, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Get Up Kids, Poison the Well, Dillinger Escape Plan, Boy Sets Fire and tons more.
Mack Avenue Skullgame The best and most brutally honest site to read up on what porn to spend your hard-eraned money on. Written by a bunch of perverts who also happen to be able to write really well.
Nightsky Studio Pro recording studios of Ron Vento of Aurora Borealis, Maryland, USA.
Obscura amazing and widely encompassing coverage of band, zine and label news. From the Czech Republic
Of Pure Blood Graphic & Web Design
Rate Professional site featuring 22 cent downloads of rock and metal bands, and a great poster store!
South East Asia Metal Force Anything you're ever wanted to know about the indivisual scenes in Southeast Asia
The Indie Bible 10,000 listings for zines and PR people to help you promote your band.
Tony Koretz Music New Zealand classic rock musician's site. Features his band 8forty8. Koretz also has a recording studio.
Valah Metal Romanian scene support


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79 Album Reviews including:

- VEHEMENCE Forward Without Motion

- VISIT, THE Through Darkness Into Light

- WHELM A Gaze Blank and Pitiless as the Sun (Reissue)

1 Live Reports including:


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