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November 11, 2006 - La Locomotive, Paris, France

review by: Alisa Z

Heavy and power metal in Paris is as popular as other categories of metal. The number of people who gathered together to see England's Dragonforce in concert was enough proof to affirm this. The evening was bound to be exciting, seeing as their music is coined as "extreme power metal," a genre unique in its own way.

Greek metallers Firewind (above) warmed up the audience with their energetic set. The crowd, in turn, showed heightened levels of support, cheering and clapping with force. The musicians demonstrated a level of savoir-faire, remaining in touch with each other throughout the show. Overwhelmed and breathing with vitality, the vocalist poured his whole soul into his singing. "Allegiance" is perhaps one of their best songs, enriched with liveliness and tenacity.

The French band Manigance had been around for a while now, despite the fact that they are not so well known outside their home country. The quality of their music is good; however, the attitude of the members on stage did not do wonders for it. The performance seemed dull, even if the music itself was animated. Irrelevant to the music, I found it amusing that the singer (above) was wearing leather pants with Nike shoes, which did not at all match his 80s hair. It is a pity that the smooth-flowing guitars and the torpidity of the vocalist prevented me from truly appreciating this well-respected group.

Beginning their show with a playback of Slayer's "Raining Blood," Dragonforce soon emerged onto the stage. With the inclusion of a stopwatch a banner that reminds one of science fiction movies and a stage ripe with energy, the show began. The exhiliration of the musicians is extraterrestrial, for it cannot be discussed in human terms.

Supersonic, dynamic and intoxicated with fervour, Herman Li (above) played his demonic guitar riffs. His godly status was further illustrated as he had someone from the backstage tie his shoelaces for him. The keyboardist was allowed to be in the spotlight, having played a fast-paced solo for over five minutes. In addition to the fact that their music is extreme yet tamed at the same time, the thing that distinguishes Dragonforce is their intense vibrancy on stage.

Sparkling with zest, the audience left the venue feeling astounded.




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