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Album Review WASP-Dying for the World :: Maelstrom :: Issue No 10
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WASP - Dying for the World - CD - Sanctuary Records

review by: Jez Andrews

"After all these years, WASP are a band that still know how to rock." Pass me a bucket, I think I need to wretch. The words "still know how to" suggest "despite rapidly approaching senility." Hear this, in the case of WASP, age has simply meant experience and growth. They have kept their old-school edge, while at the same time adding a heavier modern flavour to the music. Dying for the World is fantastic, regardless of mood, atmosphere, and whether or not you are supping on fake blood.

One thing that has always stuck out as a trademark of WASP is the vocals, which have always had body and strength to them. Blackie Lawless has painted many a picture of sadism and theatrical vulgarity in the past, but musically, I would have to say that this is their finest work yet. It is becoming a rare quality for bands these days to record an album that retains their sure-footed roots, and this band has done just that. WASP's particular brand of 'shock' heavy metal has not always been my cup of tea, but songs like "Shadow Man" and "My Wicked Heart" had me up on my feet, hair flying and air guitar pose struck. The sound may have a 2002 clarity, but the spirit is still planted firmly in the eighties. The "One two fuck you!" intro to the upbeat "Hell for Eternity" is just one of the little touches that makes this album so fucking cool. The whole thing is just so easy to enjoy on any level that in reminded me in a sense why I got into metal in the first place.

"Hallowed Ground" has to rank as one of the best token ballads of recent years, without straying into the realms of the corny. WASP have given Dying for the World a very full sound that grabs the listener by the throat and bombards them with a greatness that will live on forever.



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