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Album Review AZAGHAL-Of Beasts and Vultures :: Maelstrom :: Issue No 11
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AZAGHAL - Of Beasts and Vultures - CD - Evil Horde Records

review by: Roberto Martinelli

As with all the Evil Horde Records albums that I've seen, Azaghal's latest is nicely packaged with a glossy booklet and insert. The slipcase for this CD is very nice; if only the album cover art were as well.

Musically, this latest Azaghal record is somewhere in between the rockin' vibe they had with the split with Beheaded Lamb and the Immortal, holocaust metal feel they had on The Nine Circles of Hell CD. The sound is overall more full and discernable this time. What's weird considering this is how you can't really hear the snare a lot of the time: during the blastbeats it's all bass drums and hi-hat. This is not very good. There are some guitar tones that are nice, and there is some changing of mood to a more relaxed atmosphere that is well done in itself. These relatively relaxed times contain some pretty good guitar soloing.

However, there's something that's undeniably thrown together about this record. To put it most plainly, Of Beasts and Vultures sounds like the poor man's Sorhin. Like the aforementioned Swedish band, Azaghal has a style that is mainly fast and blasty, but contains rock elements as well. But the way Azaghal does it seems haphazard: the song constructions and transitions between moods are clumsy and there just for the hell of it; add to this some poor elements like dumbass sound clips and these really obnoxious "vulture vocals," and you have a record that isn't all that great. Probably pass on this one.



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