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VEHEMENCE - God Was Created - CD - Metal Blade Records

review by: Abhishek Chatterjee

I have seen in a lot of sites where the tag "technical, brutal and melodic" is being attached to these guys. Technical? Yes, definitely. Vehemence have written some fairly complex songs with a lot of variations and twists within them, but as per the actual instrument playing goes, it is not overtly technical. In place of guitar show-off, Vehemence have preferred to write songs that flow smoothly and without too many hiccups.

Brutal? No. This, dear folks, is not brutal. It might sound brutal to those who haven't really been exposed to what really brutal death metal is. Sure they have blast beats here and there, but it doesn't really sound brutal. And let's face it, when you see a CD with artwork such as this, and you come to know that ex-Deprecated guitarist John Chavez is in their ranks, you would expect something brutal.

I really wasn't expecting anything too devastating, since I had already heard their debut, The Thoughts from which I Hide, which was a mediocre mid-paced death metal album with hardly any substance to hold my interest for long. Compared to that, God Was Created is a huge improvement. I still get bored due to the mid-paced format of this record on a whole, but there is no denying that this time they have come up with much, much better songs.

The guitar work sounds very much Gothenberg influenced, with a continuous use of melodies in the songs. In Flames came to my mind more than once, but I was also reminded a lot of Aphasia. Mind you, the vocals of Nathan are totally death metal-ish with a lot of deep grunts and also some vocal effects to give it that extra inhuman touch.

Two songs I really enjoyed were "Lusting for Affection" and the Carcass (Heartwork) meets Arch Enemy (Stigmata) style of "I Didn't Kill Her." The macabre story behind this concept album is worth spending some time to understand as they have done a really good job in coming up with such a deranged plot. This is going to be an album you can play in front of your girlfriend, but for the real and vicious deal, I'd suggest you get Kabbal instead.


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