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Album Review PILLORY-No Lifeguard at the Gene Pool :: Maelstrom :: Issue No 41
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9.1/10 Roberto

PILLORY - No Lifeguard at the Gene Pool - CD - Unique Leader - 2005

review by: Roberto Martinelli

The name of the death metal game for the last 10 years or so has been one-upping, or at least so for the most part. 2005 has seen such new pinnacles in musicianship and production as the new Origin and Cryptopsy Ė and now you can add Pilloryís No Lifeguard at the Gene Pool to that list.

Unique Leader has released a slew of death metal bands in the last months that feature seemingly impossible tightness and precision. (And how much this is something these bands can pull off live and how much is studio shortcuts and digital manipulation is something we canít tell Ė but in the end, itís the finished product that we are enjoying on a recorded medium, leaving the bandís ability to pull it off on stage as another feat.) But what makes Pillory stand head and shoulders above the rest of Unique Leaderís current cast of releases is how innovative and diverse the music is, and indeed how each song on the album stands as a unique entity.

As is the case with technical death, No Lifeguard at the Gene Pool takes a few attentive listens to begin to unravel the signature intricacies of each track. Some are obvious standouts, like the jazzy interlude that features clean guitars and fuzzed out, damaged drumming on "Irritated as a Hangnail in a Fingerfuck," or the pigs in a wood chipper vocals at the end of "Welflare Gun."

For instance: one of my favorite songs on the album is the closer, "Dust," because of itís intense blast beat intro. But the fact that itís the only song on the album with such an intro allows it to stand out. Of course, one could make a case that each and every delectably technical and engaging song on No Lifeguard at the Gene Pool is the best of the album, and he or she would be right. This record features godlike performances in every department, especially in the one that perhaps counts the most in this genre: the production. Death metal fans or enthusiasts of bar-raising technical music absolutely must get this album. (9.1/10)


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