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Album Review NEFARIUM-Praesidium :: Maelstrom :: Issue No 44
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7.8/10 Roberto

NEFARIUM - Praesidium - CD - Deadsun Records - 2005

review by: Roberto Martinelli

Blast beat sluts, take note: here is your next fling. Nefariumís musical endeavors are all about the Ubermensch approach to excruciatingly fast black metal guitar and the drums that keep impossibly effortless pace with it.

The sound is short of utter triumph: the guitars have just the right amount of crunch to them to make them kick ass but still retain their necessary razor sharpness. The drums are dry and tight sounding, with the majority of the cymbals fittingly serving as concise accents. The super busy snare and ride have the quintessential, respective ping to them that really gives the music its immediate teeth. Only a bit more polish, depth and power overall would make this to par with the scintillating productions coming out of black metal Scandinavia these days. Still, Praesidium sounds just about perfect on cheaper sound systems, as my listening in my Ď93 Nissan can attest.

Musically, Nefarium is in league with the technical, melodic, fast, fast, fast school that genre leaders Dark Funeral occupy. The nine songs on Praesidium are all between two and three and a half minutes, and all feature heavy doses of blistering speed played by ace musicians of the genre.

Take note, however, that Praesidium is a rather single-minded record (weíre not even going to count the creepy, minimal keyboard intro and the one track of sweeping, warbling acoustic guitar): the music is approached the same way and all the fast parts seem to be in the exact same tempo, so youíll be getting a bunch of tracks that, despite probably becoming different with time, are basically the same song over and over again, either making this album a colossal bore or an utter triumph in "ambient through blurred, lightspeed playing" music. We think itís the latter. If Dark Funeral or Marduk are your alpha omegas, this is the next one to get. (7.8/10)


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