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Album Review VADER-Impressions in Blood :: Maelstrom :: Issue No 48
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8.8/10 Kristina

VADER - Impressions in Blood - CD - Candlelight Records - 2006

review by: Kristina White

Being a huge fan of Polish death metal, receiving Vader's newest work was a great opportunity. They've been knocking around the scene since 1986, known but underrated for many years. They've put out 18 albums and with the last few, they're finally getting more recognition, due in part to some major touring. Ever wonder if it's something in the water in Poland that makes all these bands so damn good? They consistently crank out death metal bands who many fans acclaim as the kings of the genre, though for many years Polish bands were more popular outside their own country than in it.

Impressions in Blood is very slick, production-wise; listening to it, you know a lot of work went into that sound. The instrumental intro and outro sound like the score to an epic movie, setting the pace for what ends up being close to an epic album. There's so much going on here, such intricate sonic detail in each track that you don't even realize it all on your first listen. Every instrument's note fits together like one of those giant 10,000-piece puzzles it takes you an entire summer vacation to get put together, and on top of it, Peter Wiwczarek's vocals. While we're usually big fans of the deeper, demonic growls, his throaty and actually intelligible grunting put that final crowning touch to this album. Any other voice wouldn't have completed the picture.

The one and only thing that could be considered a "problem" here is that a few of the songs start to sound alike after a while. While they're great songs, so you donít mind listening to them, it's hard to separate them into individual tracks. With that said, easily the best track here is the anti-Christian theme to "Helleluyah!!! (God is Dead)." While the chorus is rather repetitive, it's also very catchy and you find yourself hollering right along as you start your own mini-moshpit with yourself in your living room. Essential listening? Not really. At the top of my recommendation list at the moment? Definitely. (8.8/10)


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