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Album Review ANGEL CORPSE-Of Lucifer and Lightning :: Maelstrom :: Issue No 54
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4.9/10 Roberto

ANGEL CORPSE - Of Lucifer and Lightning - CD - Osmose Productions - 2007

review by: Roberto Martinelli

Thank God, Lucifer, and Thor and his lightning bolts, while youíre at it, that Angel Corpse got back together and made a record. The Inexorable, the last album that Angel Corpse was said to ever do, is an absolute gem of an extreme metal record. Itís an album that death metal fans loved, yet there was a specific quality about it that made it relevant and visceral for die-hard black metal purists. It really tied the scenes together without being an explicit crossover record. In that sense, Angel Corpse was for black and death metal what Slayer is for metal and punk: Everyone can find common ground.

Big shock: the new album, Of Lucifer and Lightning, is a major letdown. Whatís weird about it is that the album sounds in all ways like Angel Corpse. Pete Helmkampís instantly recognizable vocal vitriol, the trademark Angel Corpse guitar sound, and Gene Palubickiís shredding leads of mayhemic chaos. Listen to Of Lucifer and Lightning for any one of its 34 minutes, and itíll sound like Angel Corpse is back in full force.

Donít be fooled.

This record is so dull. There might be one instance of a remarkable riff during the whole nine tracks. The best part of the album is the 10 seconds of gradual double-kick drums and guitar tone that leads up into the first song, only because of the anticipation. But what you get is an album that you wish would hurry up and end around the half-way mark, because all youíve been getting is by-the-numbers Angel Corpse, with no real soul or composition underneath.

The album is like a big blurt-fest. The leads stumble around and appear haphazardly; the songs are careless and interchangeable. If you want to talk about the mix, itís nothing out of the ordinary for this band, but itís not helping: drums that are too much of an afterthought considering how much of an importance they play. But come to think of it, the drumming, although in the hands of more-than-capable John Longstreth, is as uninteresting as the rest of the album. A rare point of real enjoyment is in the guitar tone, here and there, as it reminds of old, old-school Bolt Thrower (think, Realm of Chaos) in that it sounds like each pick of the strings is causing a rusted, hulking gear to churn.

So hereís whatís becoming apparent. The Inexorable is really the only Angel Corpse you need. Hammer of Gods is a mess, and whatever the follow-up is called is just ok. Remember, if Tony Laureano isnít on drums, you donít need to buy it. And that sadly goes for the new one. God damn it. (4.9/10)


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