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7.99/10 Chaim

7000 DYING RATS - Season in Hell - CD - He Who Corrupts, Inc. - 2006

review by: Chaim Drishner

This is great.

I'm not the biggest fan of the humoristic approach as scarce as it is found in the first place in metal or the underground in general; I think this kind of music is a serious business, at least for me. Nonetheless, Season in Hell is a great album.

7000 Dying Rats, beyond and above anything, create GREAT music; it is eclectic, powerful, colorful and erratic; it never bores, never loses its grip on the listener, never fucking sleeps; it constantly slaps you on the hand, punches you in the face and it displays its musical surprises every passing moment. There's always action there, always.

Yeah, that's the thing: It's like a nonsensical action movie being filmed in a mental asylum, give or take an ounce of lunacy... although I have a hunch even the most tight-assed purists among you will dig this movie.

Death metal, grindcore, hard-rock ala AC/DC, some horror sound clips, sludge, funeral doom-ish and/or black-metal-ish, spine-chilling organs; it's all there.

Plus sounds of anal wind breaks ("Jesus Farted"), crying babies ("Baby Crusher"), other sounds that involve biological body processes and one hilarious "cover" for Black Sabbath's classic "Paranoid" song, which many will surely find blasphemous... or will just burst into uncontrollable laughter .

7000 Dying Rats have taken a conscious decision to shed the inherent (pseudo) seriousness of metal and other forms of extreme music branching from it, and just have fun while also to make fun of all those "holy icons" taken so dead seriously in some metal circles (take black metal, for instance...). But at the same time, 7000 Dying Rats also never neglect the actual music, and invest in its quality the same amount of energy they have incorporated into their thematic / textual substances.

7000 Dying Rats really ridicule almost every metal genre out there, musically as well as lyrics-wise, and via 28 short but effective tracks they deliver one of the most adventurous, courageous and refreshing albums of recent times.

In the black metal "community," a band such as this would have been boycotted; imagine that. (7.99/10)


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