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7.5/10 Matt

AEON - Rise to Dominate - CD - Metal Blade Records - 2007

review by: Matt Smith

One thing I can say confidently about this band is that its members don't like Christianity or any of its offshoots. I mean, even Deicide takes a break now and then to talk about the "dark arts" or even violent acts in general. But Aeon used this album to take Christians head-on in every song. The band's observations aren't going to help you on any philosophical level (let alone change any minds), but the onslaught is relentless. The following passages are all taken from different tracks on Rise to Dominate (and I'll add a preemptive [sic] for the grammar used by these Swedes):

"Lucifer fallen angel / Cast out of they skies a threat in god's eyes"

"Death is what I wish for them / And their cult just a distant memory"

"I spit at the holy I revel in sin / I laugh at his children I repent nothing"

"Crush them all with Jesus they bleed / A paradise it would be / Hate them"

"Pray for your sins / Pray with the priest / Pray to the cross / You pray to nothing"

The title "Caressed by the Holy Man" speaks for itself.

"Never will I put money in the collector's plate / As I see it we don't need this house of greed Burn the church down / Burn it down"

"If you'll pray then you will see who is right / Jehovah is nothing but a hoax"

"You are brave to confront me again / With your ten Jehovah men / Still you bleed hard from our first meeting / Are you here for another beating"

"The time is now / Dominate / Lambs of God / Terminate"

"The cross on your wall / Won't protect your soul / The bible by your bed / Will burn when you are dead"

So, as you can see, the frontal assault on the Christian church is in full effect. Surely it's a beautiful thing for anyone trying to shove the dogma away in a life where it's inescapable.

Musically Aeon only enhances its message. An assault is in effect here, too, as the band hits every chord as if to produce a wall against its enemies. Double-bass is a near constant, screams and growls are relentless, and the guitars pound away from start to finish. The musicianship is tight, and the guitars riffs and solos are especially virtuosic. The flavor is basically that of a boiled-down death metal with the clean production and continuous energy of a thrash group (and, of course, a crude black metal mentality).

Aeon will have to mature before its next release, but this one is an impressive effort. The group will have to learn to incorporate some different tempos and styles that aren't simply "as hard as possible all the way through." And, of course, to have an intriguing philosophy of life one must also include something positive. Tearing down Christianity has its limits let's talk about the boundless power of Satan already, guys! Don't just take swipes at the existing religious structure without suggesting something with which to replace it: make Anton proud! (7.5/10)


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