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Album Review IM NEBEL-Vitriol :: Maelstrom :: Issue No 68
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3.2/10 Ignacio

IM NEBEL - Vitriol - CD - Haarbn Productions - 2008

review by: Ignacio Coluccio

If only there were some way of contacting all gothic metal bands at the same time. Not much would be gained, but at least reviewers wouldn't need to repeat so much in our reviews and we could just say "Oh, come on, we told you that sucked!"

Im Nebel, sadly, is an "all gothic metal bands" kind of gothic metal band. Maybe more Cradle of Filth-ish. Unlike CoF, however, Im Nebel can't be called symphonic by any stretch of the word. Sorry, keyboards just don't make your band symphonic, even more when you don't even bother to post-process the standard soundbank of your Casio into something more bearable. At the same time, unduly long songs and moments where you play without distortion appearing at seemingly random moments don't make your band progressive they make it boring.

Vitriol is a mess. Not the good, chaotic kind of mess of, say, early Ephel Duath, but an awkward, "why, oh why" kind of mess. It's all downhill from the second track onwards, and the second track isn't precisely a high point for metal, let alone music. From the absurdly simplistic arrangements of the supposedly symphonic intro, to the longer tracks with cleaner intros just to make them even longer, everything in Vitriol is either a cliche of some kind or seemingly composed with some algorithm that spews random riffs with no relation to the song at hand.

Considering the levels of cheesiness present in every single song on the album, or the fact that Vitriol sounds just like every single average gothic band that tried to play black metal, it's safe to say that Im Nebel are not precisely trying to be avant-garde. We're talking about songs that go nowhere, with absolutely uncalled-for tempo changes, blastbeats just because, and compositions so juvenile that they don't feel shame when going into My Dying Bride or Dissection territory with random blastbeats on top. And let's not even mention the awkward guitar tone.

Yeah, that's the word for this, awkward. (3.2/10)


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