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8.5/10 Mladen

IMPERIAL DARKNESS/PYRIFLEYETHON - Havoc's Split Asunder - CD - - 2009

review by: Mladen Škot

Hell is here, in the shape of a vinyl record. Shortly, if you have a record player and you like hyperfast, inhuman, raw black metal, just get Havoc's Split Asunder. It is a split 7" release by two furious Greek black metal bands, and we are having a hard time deciding which one of them is crazier.

Imperial Darkness are fast. Really fast. The blastbeats will make you check the record player to see if you are actually playing it at the right speed, but 33 RPM it is. Giving Dark Funeral a run for its money, Imperial Darkness deliver a barrage of flaming, solid riffs with enough outbursts, breaks and changes to make even the most resistant of you dizzy, and just two songs and five-something minutes later, it's all over. You witnessed evil in the most direct form, no CD or mp3 can ever do this. You need to lift the stylus and repeat the procedure, a long forgotten or never experienced ritual for most of you, but it is worth it. Or you can just take the record in your hands and look at the small grooves, wondering how they can contain so much violence, and asking yourself, "Is this legal?"

On their side, Pyrifleyethon aren't that extremely fast, but they don't lag behind, either. The labyrinth of two dirty, direct guitars is properly murderous, switching into a number of changes and nuances, just to make the listener feel he has heard much more than the stated four minutes. You can hear the vocals and the drums, each instrument is audible, and each of them is full of painful aggression. Black metal in its truest form, almost spontaneous, not at all polished, and so bloody direct that it makes you wonder even more... CDs are okay, tapes are romantic and old school in their own right, but they don't make you fear you're going to break your equipment or damage your ears by playing them. Havoc's Split Asunder does. And remember, Pyrifleyethon's side is 45 RPM.

Both bands are relentless. You can't get this feeling by listening to a digital format. The world has come to an end, the bands are playing right here, on your stereo, which is about to explode, you can almost feel them reaching out for you, but you can't understand what just happened. If you're tired from the current scene, mp3, MySpace, CDs, iPods and free downloads, Havoc's Split Asunder is the kind of therapy you need. Old school they might be, but maybe they're just making a mess out of the historical timeline, right now. (8.5/10)


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