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8.8/10 Mladen

MAGNUM CARNAGE - More Unreal Than a Box of Precious Metal and Radioactive Ore - CD - - 2009

review by: Mladen Škot

Now, we've heard it all. In one CD. Whatever you got, Magnum Carnage has more. The kinds of music and playing you'd never manage to count, they're all here. Things you'd never put together in one sentence, let alone in one album — much less every song — they just do it.

But don't confuse More Unreal Than a Box of Precious Metal and Radioactive Ore with one of those new, spastic bands with 1000 playing styles in 15 minutes. Here, you get 68 minutes of perfectly coherent — ummm, yes, coherent — music. No matter if it's blastbeats, double kicks, thrash, growls, auto-tuned whiny vocals, neo-classical or blues (or rock, nu metal, death metal, black, jazz, grind, pop, more grind... we could go on, but you wouldn't get the general idea anyway), this album is fluid and coherent. Even more, it's artistic and emotional.

We're afraid to think of it, but it actually, maybe, probably, has a structure. And it constantly sounds like one and the same band. Through and through. There are 22 songs, between a minute and six minutes long, yet they are all complete, just as this album (look above for the title, damn it) is.

Also, don't start thinking that Magnum Carnage are one of the "modern" bands — the sound is almost mono, there are no usual, modern, expendable ways of expression, and every single bit sounds time-tested and catchy. It's still music, just not the kind you're used to hearing.

There's no way in hell that More Unreal Than a Box of Precious Metal and Radioactive Ore (thank you, Microsoft, for the copy / paste option) won't cause a reaction. If one moment, the music starts sounding too experimental, or too touchy, there will always come ten more moments to beat you up, and the next time you listen to the CD, the moments will switch places.

There are no transcendental secrets here, no divine, sublime inspiration, just someone bursting at the seams, full of ideas, and trying to send them your way all in the course of listening to one single CD. It's devastating. By the time Magnum Carnage are done with you, you will feel violated, desecrated, confused and physically exhausted. And still, you'll be thinking that, considering how easy they made it sound, it really wasn't much of an effort on their side. You wouldn't believe one band is capable of doing all of this, so there's no other way than getting it and hearing for yourself. (8.8/10)


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