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8/10 Chaim

DAMNATIONS HAMMER - Disciples Of The Hex - CD - I Hate Records - 2013

English thrashers of doom Damnations Hammer have released this massive debut and the world even doesn't know, if to judge upon the non-hype the album has received till now in various Internet communities. The Metal Archives describes their style as death/doom, while to these very ears they sound like a thrash metal band playing their thrash slow and heavy with a very predominating epic touch; and no - this is definitely not death metal in the traditional sense.

You could call this album doom metal, but the guitar sound and riffs are totally thrashing; belching, sweeping, fat, ominous thrash the likes of which are rare and far between. In fact, the music is so heavy, it sounds almost like the brainchild of a really angry sludge band that cannot help itself from throwing in a couple of thrash metal maneuvers and other genre-shticks. The outcome is nothing short of astounding.

The excellent vocalist, an unusually disgruntled guy with a clear, clean voice yet low in pitch and high in a disturbing factor, adds his almost soaring, grand and epic approach to the powerful music on display. The result is a dark, ritualistic kind of thrash/doom amalgam with a strong apocalyptic vibe and simple yet extremely somber tales of horror and darkness.

This album is the sound of the occult: its cold, insidious dreariness spreads like cancer through excellently written songs of gloom and doom, gargantuan guitars and a charismatic vocalist who adds an added value to the music, transcending it from a mere thrash metal album to being the soundtrack of the occult.

Vile, heavy, singular and mostly beautiful a beast of darkness and more darkness, Disciples of the Hex is a unique entity of force and esoterica, a herald of a new age of darkness. Be it doom or thrash metal, both at the same time or none of the above - this album should be heard and acknowledged. (8/10)


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