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8/10 Mladen

WASP - Golgotha - CD - Napalm Records - 2015

With all the Christian references W.A.S.P. have been doing lately, maybe they are "White Anglo Saxon Protestant" after all? Rock style life, touring, groupies and all that - W.A.S.P are getting old and trying to repent for something done in the past? After all, "god" loves the prodigal son more than the one who never sinned, right? What a comforting thought. Russian Mafia members wearing crosses and giving donations to their church seem to think the same way too.

Apart from this, quite a good album. W.A.S.P. doing what W.A.S.P. do, and not giving a damn (oops, sorry...). The tone is set right from the beginning, with galloping drum rhythms, glowing, ecstatic guitar sound, professional solo guitar fillers, and "the" voice: Blackie Lawless sounds as emotional and poignant as ever, singing every word as he means it, and he sure knows how to write a catchy vocal line.

There is a slight storytelling fee to Golgotha, and after listening to it in its entirety - as laid back and standard as it seems - it just feels complete: you want a rock sing-along stadium anthem, Golgotha has them; you want a power ballad - "Miss You" will get stuck in your head almost as well as "Forever Free" did many years ago; You want surprises - you will get a few, and they're cleverly placed so that you will definitely notice and remember them. That's style! As safe as Golgotha is, it is an album well done. Relax, Blackie, you're not going to hell. No one is. (8/10)


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