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Album Review VEHEMENCE-Forward Without Motion :: Maelstrom :: Issue No 78
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9/10 Mladen

VEHEMENCE - Forward Without Motion - CD - Battleground Records - 2015

This is one of the monsters. The snare drum is used, and sounds, like a weapon. The growls and the screams are properly bestial. The bass is clearly audible. The guitar sound is as direct as if you were playing it yourself - that is, if you could play like Vehemence. And even if you could, you probably wouldn't be able to write songs like these. And even if you would, you probably wouldn't be able to memorize them. And even... OK, never mind - hopefully you got the message: Vehemence are back.

No matter what you expect or how you approach Forward Without Motion, the preconceptions are shattered after a song or two. Methodical and merciless, the songwriting grabs your attention. It stops, it goes, it blasts, but it doesn't feel like that. It's mostly in the same tempo, but it's all over your senses. Be it a thrashy, hardcore moment (we said moment! This is still clearly death metal!), or a glorious melodic outburst, all of it is exceptional and serves a purpose - in other words, real riffs. The kind that connects to you. Real songs, that stand apart. Real vocals, that don't annoy but destroy. And the drummer, with a style of his own, is playing thesm instead of just hitting them, while hitting them even harder nonetheless.

You will probably remember where and how you have heard "Murdered by the Earth" for the first time. Or that piece of weirdness that is "In the Shadows We Dwell". And there is more on this album, everywhere! For those asking if Forward Without Motion is better than God Was Created - most likely it is. It's scorching, it's scattered, yet if you look from a distance there are real songs. But it's hard to keep distance when this music is going after you. Forward without motion indeed. (9/10)


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