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5/10 Chaim

TOR MARROCK - Destroy the Soul - CD - Black Vulture Records - 2013

How do you even begin to review an album whose disadvantages equal its brilliant moments? How do you even reconcile with an album that offers you moments where you literally want to hug it, alongside moments you actually want to kick this disc's thick skull? So what happens when the brilliant meet the numskull? The average is then being spawn, and the average is the mother of all bad things.

Tor Marrock should have only played goth-rock/post-punk, in which they excel, instead of trying to mishmash the aforementioned with a second-class heavy metal/hard rock that occupies half of the record.

When the band turns its post-punk mode on, it sounds like an updated, heavier version of Killing Joke, but way darker and more sinister. Tor Marrock then creates a crowded, bone-chilling atmosphere that resonates with the listener up until the end of the track. Hints of Type O Negative can also be picked, but overall, these goth/post-punk songs sound rather unique in sound as well as in execution.

But then the band goes into its retarded phase, playing simplistic heavy metal coupled with a lack of inspiration. Then and there the band sounds pale and empty, like a dispirited Paradise Lost with very Nick-Holmes-like vocals, having some unspectacular riffs and benign guitar leads and solos. Ah, but when Tor Marock try to sound like Bal Sagoth (epic and fast, that is), the outcome is even more ridiculous and embarrassing.

This album isn't a bad one; it's just that the distance between its good stuff and its moronic parts is so vast that this very dichotomy creates a dissonance the listener will find hard to stomach, hence not able to fully enjoy the album's best sections. Nevertheless, if you want to listen to something quite unique and non-habitual, a hybrid between Killing Joke, Type O Negative and latter-day Paradise Lost, you should give Destroy The Soul a chance. If you don't mind the sub-par heavy metal fiasco and can look past that, you might find yourself immensely enjoying this album. However, if you do mind, you might not want to revisit it ever again. (5/10)


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