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9/10 Chaim

ENNUI - Falsvs Anno Domini - CD - Solitude Productions - 2015

From all places in the world, Georgia is probably the last place where one of the year's best funeral/doom/death metal was likely to be found; and yet it was found. For Ennui, a Georgia-based funeral doom/death metal band (and probably one of the very few metal bands situated in this country; The Metal Archives lists only 18 heavy metal/hard rock bands in total hailing from that former Soviet Union country) has delivered, with this third full length studio album, not only the best album in the band's short-lived career, but also an outstanding achievement in every measure and every scale, and probably, just probably - one of best extreme doom metal albums of recent years.

Ennui has shown a tremendous potential right from the get-go. From the very first sounds of the band's debut, the music immediately sparked magic conveyed by Ennui's extreme yet exquisite - dare we say original - form of cavernous doom metal. Something in the conviction with which they played; something in their songwriting methodology, their free-form compositions and their utterly dark pessimism oozing from the speakers - have marked Ennui as unique, and realization of their shining potential was a no-brainer. Then came the second hit from these somber Georgians, and some cool splits and now this, their third and crowning achievement, and their most accessible recording to date.

Listening to this monster is pure enjoyment for those who like their metal professionally done, interesting, crushingly heavy yet melodic; a recording equipped with the best production possible. The music flows effortlessly, like an oily fat worm of black goo, slowly, carefully, intently, the music flows, like hot tar, through the canyons of the mind and soul, always melodic, always engaging - toward a bleak conclusion.

This joyless, sunless wave of darkness, aided by a pristine production to match, is highlighting the band's ability to create some intriguing drumming patterns, unconventional and complex, using a very pronounced double bass kick drum and a really huge kettle drum sound, playing a major role side by side with the enormous throat performance (screams, growls, and tortured tunes howled from the throats of some banshees); and the mesmerizing guitar leads: fine, euphonious yet thorny and abrasive - Ennui's music wounds and bruises.

Despite the fact the entire recording sounds like a single indivisible piece, with little variation that might significantly set one track apart from the next, the whole album is so greatly written and executed - so much that one wouldn't mind listening to either one track over and over again or to the whole album in a single session, despite the emotional burden it generates with its subterranean and pessimistic visionary music. Falsvs Anno Domini is that good an album; every track is a world of dark hues and mysteries abound, and the entire album - a universe of somber colors and luscious compositions. Falsvs Anno Domini introduces dissonance alongside harmony; traditionalism alongside sophistication, and does not lose its grip on the listener for a single moment, remaining spellbinding with its rich funeral-esque sentiments.

An exhaustive yet utterly rewarding experience, this album - the third masterpiece in a row by the unsung Ennui - has got the impact and enormity of UK's psychedelic funeral doom/death masters Esoteric; not lesser in talent or vision, Ennui have created an album for the ages, a document of awe and tragedy. (9/10)


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