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8.5/10 Chaim

KANTO ARBORETUM - The Prosperous Post-apocalyptic World - CD - Independent - 2015

We like this album a lot! In a nutshell, it's inspired black metal; an album full with ingenious riffs and "feel" galore. Typically, black metal is served either raw OR atmospheric, as the latter usually benefits from a shinier production than the former; and yet this album is raw AND atmospheric at the same time, using no additives. Utilizing just a couple of guitars, bass, vocals, a drum machine, and no keyboards, to create something as ambiance-inducing as this album is not something to take for granted.

Though hailing from Finland, Kanto Arboretun's type of black metal could have been recorded anywhere in the world. It is a borderless, cosmopolitan, dark rock 'n' roll, full of venom and angst. It's slightly less primordial than Dark Throne's music, perhaps more melodic in essence, and the delivery oscillates between the semi-progressive and the utterly primitive. The production is an updated version of the early second-wave-of-black-metal sound, a post-modern revivalism of that "ancient" sound, if you will; thorny yet smooth, almost mock-primitive.

The riffs are engaging and captivating. Their first, false impression is of being only grey or black and white, but as soon as the ears get accustomed to the grittiness of the production, all those colorful hooks and wonderful melodies start to emerge, and they never stop. After the initial familiarity of this typical black metal sound settles down, one will realize this is a unique recording, having a personal signature written all over its 36 majestic minutes. The music flows effortlessly here, in the form of grey and grainy waves of dark ambiance and sinister soundscapes; all elements converge and intertwine virtually seamlessly, spawning this excellent, wintery, dystopian album.

The Prosperous Post-Apocalyptic World is an excellent recording needing only a fine adjustment in the drum machine department. We simply cannot wait to listen to whatever else awaiting us within the minds of the musicians behind this intriguing, well accomplished entity. (8.5/10)


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