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7/10 Chaim

VHOLDGHAST - Lat Oss Forbrinna - CD - ViciSolum Records - 2015

These Swedes may present themselves as a black/death metal outfit, but don't believe them. They are nothing of that sort. They may seem like a death metal band, but their music's lifeblood is tainted by deathcore, which is a horrible way to ruin what otherwise could have been s decent album, simply because deathcore, in itself, is a horrible, horrible sub-style of metal (now, is it really a sub-style of metal?). Whoever gets tainted with this bullshit style, is risking a colossal disaster, music-wise, because deathcore is like a drop of shit: contaminate a whole barrel of honey with one drop of this shit, and the whole barrel of honey is rendered uneatable.

This is exactly what could happen to any band that amuses itself with the idea of deathcore, falling flat on their noses when they incorporate that garbage into a style such as death metal, a style of metal that couldn't be more foreign to the notion of deathcore (or metalcore for that matter), which has nothing to do with either metal or hardcore, in essence.

This album is a sheep in wolf's clothes; a metallic tinfoil enveloping a pumping heart of inconsequential deathcore, which is one of the least successful hybrids the world of hard and heavy music has spawned upon those who try to distance themselves from the devouring pop culture, most of the time futilely so.

So yeah, Vholdghast try very hard to sound tough and abrasive, Swedish-quasi-melodic-death-metal-style, and here and there they succeed in being just that (like on the opening track for instance), but somehow they manage to fuck it all up with those goddamned metalcore innuendos that kill the dynamics and the heaviness for the sake of being "progressive" or "modern" or whatever...

The vocals are commendable yet not particularly unique; the riffs potent, true-and-tried yet not exclusively spectacular. The production, however, is extremely sharp and poignant, injecting the songs with an end-of-days aura, and in turn the latter emanates a sentiment of deconstruction and tragedy. In those truly captivating moments (which are not in abundance, mind you), listening to this recording is like being a spectator to the process of the world coming undone in front of your very eyes.

If you happen to like the quasi-melodic Swedish style a-la At The Gates' Slaughter Of The Soul (but think the aforementioned album is the mother-ship of everything that's wrong with extreme metal), Vholdghast's Lat Oss Forbrinna could be a reasonable alternative; not the be-all and end-all edifice of excellence due to the above mentioned reasons, but something that might quench your thirst for some good old sonic violence, Swedish-style: a gentle cataclysm flaked with some bullshit and some good stuff as well.

For the effort, this one deserves a 7 out of 10 rank, which is more than what we intended to score that album with in the first place, but listening to the album in its entirety, it contains some redeemable factors (the songwriting, the interchangeable vocals, the wise usage of keyboards, the scorching guitar sound) that render it as decent, at least. (7/10)


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