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ABYSSIC HATE - Suicidal Emotions - CD - No Colours Records

review by: Roberto Martinelli

Suicidal Emotions is sublime in its fuzzy guitar tones, long melody lines and song lengths, and laid back misanthropy. As an intense, active listen, this album won't deliver the same goods as it does when listened to in a relaxed, passive situation. Just let the fuzzy fog seep around you and you'll notice again and again how good of an album this is. As an extra bonus the last track has an outro of religious chanting that puts the perfect end to this highly recommended disk.

If you're familiar with Abyssic Hate's work in that split with Det Hedenske Folk, you'll find the sounds on Suicidal Emotions quite different. Abyssic Hate is now entirely a one-man project, and apparently he uses a drum machine, although I'll be damned if I can tell based on its sound. I find drum machines irking in most cases, but the slow moving and developing nature of the music on this album makes having a real drummer less than important. I have to disagree with ~Eternus~' opinion about the lyrics (see his review below), as I think their cold despair help cast an even calmer pall to the whole listening experience. And yes, the cut up guy in the photo is the guy in the band.

review by: ~Eternus~

Hmm... I am in two minds about this one man Australian band. Four tracks, all obviously about the depressive aspects of life/living all told via long, drawn-out and early Burzum-esque songs. I do admire Shane Routs' ability to create a depressive atmosphere via the many simplistic and torturous riffs, which leave the listener hopelessly lost and yet contemplative. This ability works best on the first two tracks, which are both more than 10 minutes long and strangely don't seem to bore me; maybe 'cause I am used to the style.

Vocals are in a similar style to the earlier vocal talents of Varg Vikernes, but not quite as good. They are a little too quiet and seem to take a back seat to the raw buzz of Shane's guitar. I only wish this CD had better lyrics, as they seem a bit too clichéd for my tastes. I also don't feel the *evil* like on Burzum`s earlier material, which is a shame.

However if you like the long drawn-out, hopeless-feeling songs that Burzum once created and Nargaroth create still, I don't think you can go far wrong with this release.





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